Natural Recall – The exhibitions in Bologna and Rome

5 ottobre, 2015 § Lascia un commento

With two different exhibitions goin’on in Rome and Bologna, the international communication & graphic project by Studio and GTower continues its European tour, with the aim to increase people’s awareness and make humans reconsider vegetable beings as an example of balance, evolutionary, flexibility, and social vision. Different cities means different locations, audicences and exhibition design projects: after the events in Venice, Paris and Moscow, the graphic language demonstrates one more time its ability in spreading and disseminating the universal philosophy of Natural Recall. –––

NATURAL RECALL Serre dei Giardini Margherita, BOLOGNA  From the 27th of September to the 31st of October 2015 Natural Recall is a guest among the warm-up events of the 4th edition of FRUIT self-publishing exhibition. A selection of artworks from Natural Recall’s VENICE EXHIBITION adorns the renovated greenhouses and premises of theSerre dei Giardini Margheritaa public space that aims to become Bologna’s City Hub for the innovation and the development of the entrepreneurial culture, and a shabby, magic and natural location for the events organized by Kilowatt. The Serre dei Giardini Margherita have been the venue of a serie of graphic design workshops organized by CRUDO during the last week-end, to present the fourth edition on the FRUIT self-publishing exhibitionthat will take place from the 29th to the 31st of January 2016, during the same week-end of Artefiera. FRUIT focuses its attention on the self-publishing industry and on the best international graphic design productions: it’s the only event in Italy to bring together catalogues, fanzines, graphic projects and artists’ publications, both on paper and digital support. Download the exhibition’s brochure –– LAND25+1 & NATURAL RECALL Casa dell’Architettura, ROMA LAND25 and NATURAL RECALL inaugurated on the 22nd of September their second event together, this time in Rome. Casa dell’Architettura is the prestigious venue that will enframe the two exhibit until the 15th of October 2015. Once again, landascape and graphic design meet to strengthen their message and to investigate the relationship between Natural World and Human Universe. The exhibition’s concept focuses on the 10 artists who stood out among the others thanks to their approach to the project’s topic, to the quality, the expressive strength and the aesthetic pleasantness of their artworks and, last but not least important, to the concept behind them. Casa dell’Architettura Via Marcello Fanti n°47 – ROMA 22 September-15 October 2015 10:00-19:00 Closed on Saturday and Sunday Download EXHIBITheAPP to know all about the two exhibitions, the featured artists and their artworks.

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